D&R Aircast Radio Studio Automation Software

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D&R’s Aircast 7.20 is built around a reliable, fully customizable play-out engine, with automation and live assist mode, skinnable user interface, a built-in, touch-screen friendly, multi-tab cartwall, and Voice-Tracking support.

It features a Playlist, Cartwall, Cue Editor, Mix editor, events, screen objects and file logging. Voice Tracking, mix down and scripting are standard.

D&R Aircast 7.20 is a light-weight, full-featured radio automation system for Microsoft Windows.

It is targeted at small and medium-sized stations and for both terrestrial and Internet-based broadcast. It offers features often only found in some high priced, high-end professional packages.

Aircast 7.20 was designed to be as flexible and customizable as possible. It works with standard PC hardware, supports virtually any sound card and offers an unbelievable smooth integration with D&R’s mixing and production consoles!

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AIRCAST-STD package: This is the basic software for standalone applications and includes voice tracking.

AIRCAST-STD-DB package: This is the basic software for standalone applications, but now with an added Database server application. You can now use multiple STD (non-DB) or VT licenses as the clients in a LAN or WAN.

AIRCAST-VT Management License + Voice Track package: For additional workstations that require Aircast DB access, e.g. office or production PCs, we offer Management + VT licenses.

NOTE: These Management + VT licenses require an Aircast-STD-DB license running on the main play-out computer.

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AIRCAST Instruction Manual


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