Alan Dick Jampro JFWD Broadband Folded Dipole FM Antenna

Type: JFWD 2-Bay Broadband Folded Dipole Antenna +5.1dB 500 Watt (N) PN: JFWD2
Sale price$899.95


The Alan Dick (Jampro) model JFWD is a broadband folded dipole FM broadcast antenna that requires no tuning from 88-108 MHz and has an "N" type input connector. The JFWD folded dipole antenna handles RF power up to 250 Watts and is sealed for long term durability in all weather conditions. The model JFWD folded dipole antenna by Alan Dick is DC grounded for excellent protection against near hit lighting and static discharges. The JFWD folded dipole FM Antenna comes supplied with boom arm.

The JFWD folded dipole antenna is a very professional broadband antenna solution for FM broadcasters. Because this broadband folded dipole FM antenna requires no tuning across the entire FM broadcast band (88-108MHz), it is an ideal solution for broadcasters that require a quick set up and or may be changing your frequency often such as drive-in theaters, race tracks, or special events use.

The Jampro JFWD broadband FM folded dipole antenna can be stacked to handle higher power levels and/or to produce higher gain figures. This Jampro FM antenna is an identical replacement for the former RF Technologies model 7050 broadband folded dipole antenna.

*The Mast Clamp (Part #MH1) is optional and NOT INCLUDED with the antenna.

Frequency Range:    88 to 108 MHz (no tune)
Gain                          2.8dB (single) 5.1dB (2-bay) 8.9dB (4-bay)
Return Loss:             < -14dB
VSWR:                      < 1.5:1
HRP Beam-width       203
Front to Back Ratio:  6dB
Polarization:             Vertical
Connector Type:       "N" Male
Support Boom:         31.75mm (1 1/4") square aluminum with 1.6mm wall
Shipping Weight:      14 Lbs  (9 Lbs unboxed)

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