Barix Optional Accessories

Type: Barix Optional Infra-Red Remote Control PN: IRRC
Sale price$39.95


  • Barix IR Remote Control Kit - The Barix accessory that lets you take control. With Barix you can easily and comfortably take control of your Audio-Distribution-System. The IR Remote Control Kit for the Barix Exstreamer consists of a receiver that is connected to the Exstreamer and a handy remote control for all prevalent audio functions. User friendly concept, compact and ergonomic design, simple and quick installation.
  • Barix Rack Mount - Used to mount Barix audio devices in a standard 19" rack. Supports up to four Barix ¼ width audion devices: Annuncicom 100, Annuncicom 200, Exstreamer 100, Exstreamer 200, Instreamer 100, Supports up to two Barix ½ width audion devices:, Annuncicom 1000, & Exstreamer 1000.

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