Camcon Visual Radio Trigger Box

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Camcon Visual Radio is the newest product within our range of studio products. ON SALE NOW!!!

Now it's possible to create Visual Radio during your live broadcast with the help of the CamCon trigger unit and its software. The combination of the Camcon, its VRC application software and OBS is all you need.

The 4 channel Camcon trigger unit can be connected (hardwired) in series with up to 4  microphones to control our VRC software that can switch scenes in OBS (freeware). In this way Visual Radio can be streamed over the Internet together with your audio. The perfect way to make your station visible to the listener.​

By using the Camcon unit, it is possible to trigger/switch scenes automatically, depending on who is talking.

The Camcon application software measures microphone levels and sends these over an USB link to your PC where Visual Radio Control software runs.

OBS (freeware) uses real audio devices connected as triggers. The Triggerbox/Camcon is very simple to use.

The Visual Radio Control (VRC software) connects the scenes from the Broadcasting Software to channels on the Camcon Visual Radio device.
With metering and the MicOn information that the Camcon provides to the Visual Radio Control (VRC) software it is possible to make decisions which scene needs to be active at a given moment. Settings like Priority, Hold time and Activation delay can be set to suit your needs.


Please be aware that the most optimal situation is that the trigger unit Camcon also receives fader position information from the mixer
by way of connecting the mixer GPO to the Camcon GPI jack, which tells Camcon the fader is up or down.

It solves the problem that the camera does NOT  switch when somebody talks when his/her fader is down.
All D&R mixers have GPO connectors.

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