D&R Aircast 7.0 Automation Software (WINDOWS ONLY)

Type: Aircast 7-STD Radio Automation Base/Playout license PN: AIRCAST
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D&R's AIRCAST 7.0 Automation Software music templates allow you to define the music style (as a sequence of categories/folders) independent from the hour template (clock). In the hour template, use the new items “Music (one song)”, “Music block” or “Fill with music” to specify where the songs should be inserted. When the scheduler runs, it uses the information from the music template to fill in these gaps. “Fill with music” is probably the most interesting method, because it will pick exactly the correct number of songs so that no overflows or under runs will occur. Perfect for Podcasting, Webcasting, or streaming to the internet!

Advertising/Traffic scheduling:
D&R's  AIRCAST automation software 7.0 edition has a built-in ad/traffic scheduling function now. For all of your spots, you can define start and end date of the campaigns, and the days/hours/blocks in which the spot should be broadcasted. Then add an “Ad Block” item to your hour template, select the desired block (up to 64 blocks can be defined), and you’re done. The mini scheduler will take care of the rest. Ads can also be regionalized, and the scheduler will automatically use Region Containers where appropriate. If you are using an external traffic scheduling software, D&R's AIRCAST 7.0 can also import logs from that software instead of using its internal scheduling. You can even mix the two methods, using internal scheduling for some blocks and external scheduling for the other blocks.

D&R's AIRCAST automation software 7.0 edition includes:

  • "Aircheck Recorder" screen object, makes live recordings which can be paused so that you only record your voice, not the music in between the announcements

  • Custom loop points

  • Automatic display of album art in playlist, no need to import as icon anymore

  • Custom attribute columns in the main playlist

  • WASAPI audio fully supported

D&R's AIRCAST is a light-weight, full-featured radio automation system for Microsoft Windows ONLY. It is targeted at small and medium-sized stations and for both terrestrial and internet-based broadcast. It offers features often only found in some high priced, high-end professional packages. D&R's AIRCAST was designed to be as flexible and customizable as possible.


  • Playlist, Cartwall, Cue Editor, Mix Editor, events, screen objects, file logging

  • Stream/line-in playback, special playlist items, layout/skin, HTTP/SQL logging

  • Voice tracking, mixdown, scripting

  • Built-in Shoutcast/Icecast compatible streaming encoder

  • VST, Winamp DSP

  • Database and Scheduling (standalone/local mode), music scheduling

  • Ad scheduler, log import from 3rd party music/traffic schedulers, voice tracking

  • PostgreSQL/MSSQL backend, Auto Importer; no multi-station or server/proxy

  • Hotkeys, gamepad/joystick, IO-Warrior, MIDI, Velleman

  • Networked SQL backend, multi-station, DB server/proxy, Auto Importer

  • Remote Control for D&R products such as D&R WEBSTATION, AIRLITE, AIRENCE, AIRLAB DT

  • Remote Control  for digital Broadcast Mixers  - MambaNet only


- This is the license for 1 user.

- The user can locally (on his own PC) create a music database.

- The user can log on on PC that has an AIRCAST STD-DB license and use the

  music that is stored on that PC.


- (same as STD)

- This license functions as a SERVER and can offer its music database to other

   (licensed) users.


- User can remotely do Voice Tracking  and log on to AIRCAST STD-DB license


Aircast works with standard PC hardware, supports virtually any sound card and offers an unbelievably smooth integration with ALL D&R mixers.

This software is the ideal solution if you’re looking into upgrading your studio with a digital radio automation system perfectly matching with D&R’s: AIRLITEAIRMATEAIRENCE and AIRLAB broadcast mixers.
*Continental US only, some exclusions may apply

Download Aircast Free Trial Software Here

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