D&R Axite Digital IP 6 Fader Mixing Console

Type: D&R Axite Digital IP 6 Fader Mixing Console PN: AXITE
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D&R's NEW AXITE (based on the AXUM platform) is a modular and COMPLETELY pre-programmed platform that can grow with you and your organization at any time. I/O cards can be shared between systems and can be used for small (local 6 fader) desktop use as well as large scale (128 faders max) production work and everything in between. The perfect mixing board for Broadcasting, Podcasting, Webcasting, or streaming to the internet!

D&R's NEW AXITE has a large matrix of 1280x1280 with extensive signal processing on a maximum of 128 stereo channels that can be assigned to 16 stereo summing mixing busses and 16 monitor buses as well as directly between the maximum of 4 DSP's.

Imagine a console where you can decide for yourself what a switch/encoder or fader will do for you. Not possible?
With D&R's NEW AXITE this is possible! You can do it yourself by selecting a function, out of hundreds of functions, by simply selecting it from a database in your AXITE/AXUM browser. Two control surfaces (with their own CRM sections) in different studios sharing the same I/O rack is also no problem for the AXITE/AXUM platform.

Hardware purchasing choices are straightforward:
Rack ONE accepts a maximum of 21 I/O single slot cards. Rack TWO accepts a maximum of 37 I/O single slot cards

An AXITE Control Surface Frame starts with 6 faders + CRM section as the main unit and can be extended to a maximum of 128 faders with 6 Fader extension units. Each individual Control Surface Frame can be mounted drop through in a work surface left or right of your script space

Interfacing with studio equipment is high quality low cost available STP cable
An internally generated webpage allows you to remotely control all settings from anywhere in the world over Ethernet and/or Internet. The internal MambaNet protocol controls the communication between all system parts linked to each other with world standard Ethernet.

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