Deva Broadcast DB64FM 4-Band FM Audio Processor

Type: Deva Broadcast DB64FM 4-Band FM Audio Processor PN: DB64
Sale price$1,999.95


The Deva DB64FM 4-Band Audio Processor is appropriate for all FM & LPFM radio stations. Perfect clarity of sound is achieved via the 4-band stereo generator with Fidelity and Sound Impact System. It has an all-digital DSP-based design, advanced wide band AGC, FM controlled distortion limiter, analog and digital audio outputs and two independent composite MPX outputs. DB64FM also detects signal loss or silence and automatically switches over to a backup audio feed.

The DB64FM is indeed unparalleled in the broadcast industry, bringing together all the features you would expect in an audio processing tool.


30 Day No-Fault Guarantee Policy

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