Diamond Antenna RF Power/SWR Meters

Type: SX100 RF Power/SWR Meter 1.6-60 MHz to 3KW PN: SX100
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The Diamond Antenna SX200 RF power meter is a must have item for proper tuning and peaking of FM transmitters and RF amplifiers. The Diamond Antenna SX200 precision SWR power meter series covers the spectrum with 5% accuracy. The SX200 series RF power meter's large meter scale is calibrated for forward and reverse power and Standing Wave Ratio (SWR). The SX200 has Switch selectable average (RMS) and Peak Envelope Power (PEP). The Diamond Antenna SX200 series RF power meter has three power ranges that are switch selectable under "Full Scale Power".

The Diamond Antenna SX200 series RF power / SWR meters can accurately read power levels as low as 50 milliwatts! All meters have 50 ohm input and output impedance using SO-239 connectors. The Diamond Antenna SX200 dual band RF power & SWR meters have N connectors on the second input and output.

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