ElectroVoice RE320 Professional Dynamic Microphone

Type: ElectroVoice RE320 Professional Dynamic Microphone PN: RE320
Sale price$257.99


ElectroVoice RE320 dynamic mic with unique "Dual Personality" switch gives you two ideal studio/live sound mics in one with a Cardioid pattern. Building on the legacy of the ElectroVoice RE20, one of the most widely used studio mics of all time, the ElectroVoice RE320 is a professional quality dynamic microphone designed specifically for recording and sound reinforcement applications requiring extremely low noise and the highest level of predictable tonal and transient response. The ElectroVoice RE320 is ideal for capturing vocal and instrument sources; the ElectroVoice RE320 delivers unparalleled detail, dynamic content, and natural tone.
Made in the USA!
  • RE320's unique "Dual Personality" switch creates two ideal mics in one
  • Neodymium magnet creates higher output with faster transient response and greater high-frequency detail
  • Exclusive Variable-D proximity control ensures pure and natural tone
  • Classic humbucking coil guards against EMF interference and hum 

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