OC White ProBoom Ultima Series

Type: LP Adjustable Mic Boom (1) 12”H Fixed Arm Only (No Mtg) PN: ULP
Sale price$299.95


The NEW OC White Ultima LP Mic Boom brings the quality & reliability that all O.C. White Mic Booms are known for, but in an exciting new modular integration series. It features an industry exclusive 0-6 lb weight rating, so we can hold up almost any microphone on earth with ease! The specialized counterbalance design allows for very quick adjustments to the holding force, so you can make the microphone move with only a finger’s touch.

OC White Ultima LP Mic Boom features a low profile, table top-hugging design, which allows for the on-air talent to perform without facial obstruction from traditional microphone and arms. We provide integrated wire channeling down the sides of the arm for very clean installations. This series also features a new, specialized internal spring design.

OC White Ultima LP's main articulating mic boom section features 10”+ (25+cm) of height adjustment, as well as a specialized 5/8”-27 mic stud swivel assembly which allows for 180° (Left-Right) and 180° (Up-Down). For those broadcasters who integrate live filming into the production, this allows for the lowest profile, and cleanest shot of your talent. It also allows for this design to be used as a regular microphone arm replacement, when paired with our riser system up off the work surface.

This adjustable section comes paired with (1) of our 12” (30.5cm) horizontal arms for increased reach. These also feature integrated wire channeling with removable cover for a clean install. We offer additional horizontal arms that can be added at any time, for the perfect installation in your studio (choice of 8” or 12”). No longer are your forced to install your mic booms where you HAVE to… now you can install them where you WANT to, since the total reach is up to you!

Optional: 12” Vertical Modular Clamp/Riser Assembly allowing you to mount up to (4) Ultima LP arms from the 12” single pole as well as choices of mounting options.

Made in the USA!

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