OMB MTMR Studio To Transmitter Link TX/RX Pair

Type: OMB MTMR Studio To Transmitter Link TX/RX Pair 940-960MHz PN: MTMR
Sale price$3,943.00


The OMB MTMR STL system (Studio to Transmitter Link) is used in applications were your main FM transmitter will be in a separate location from the studio. The OMB MTMR is a powerful FCC type accepted 19" rack- mountable STL system which can send a clean stereo audio signal to a location up to 10 miles away. Frequency is PLL synthesized by a built-in microprocessor. The OMB MTMR STL transmitter and receiver pairs are available in 20 MHz bands within the frequency range of 940 MHz to 960 MHz (0-10 watts).

The OMB MTMR frequency is adjustable in 10 KHz increments. The unit can be linked via RS232 port for remote control of frequency and power. The OMB MTMR STL utilizes direct frequency modulation with SWR foldback protection. The units include 1 balanced/unbalanced mono, 1 (Optional, Add $300) balanced (XLR) and unbalanced stereo (45dB separation, 50 or 75 uS pre-emphasis) and 2 composite or SCA (BNC) audio inputs (requires separate SCA generator). The OMB MTMR STL is forced air cooled and operates on 110-120, 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz.

Includes A Full One Year Warranty!

The radiolink yagi STLY antenna can be used in both vertical and horizontal polarization offering great directivity. It is a high quality and low cost antenna. The yagi STLY is made from aluminum with stainless steel clamps; with N/F input connector for frequencies 175-960MHz (20/30MHz sub-bands) and 10-14dB gain, depending on the operation frequency. The STLY is remarkable for its high gain, light weight and high weather resistance.


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