Progressive's 125 Watt Low Pass Filters

Type: LPF7002 125 Watt Low Pass Filter W/S0-239 PN: LPF2S
Sale price$149.95


Progressive Concepts' LPF7002 low pass filter for FM broadcast band applications - Most FM transmitters produce harmonics at even multiples of your fundamental frequency. If your harmonics fall on or near a TV channel or Maritime frequency you could cause severe interference to that channel. The most common cause of fines from federal agencies is due to TVI or other interference from your transmitter which generates a complaint.

Use of Progressive Concepts' LPF7002 125 watt low pass filter is the best method of eliminating this kind of interference. The low insertion loss of the LPF7002 low pass filters makes them well suited for use on power levels as low as 100 milliwatts on up to 125 watts!



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