Progressive's CIRPA Broadband Circular FM Antenna

Type: 1-Bay 2KW Broadband FM Antenna -3dB 7/16" DIN PN: CIRPA
Sale price$599.99


Progressive's New CIRPA Series Broadband Circular Polarized FM Antenna is constructed of high grade stainless steel and teflon. The CIRPA 50 Ohm FM antenna handles up to 2KW of RF power and requires NO-TUNING across the entire FM band from 88-108MHz!

The CIRPA broadband series antenna's lightweight, sturdy construction makes it capable of withstanding the harshest environments. With stainless steel construction and teflon insulator the CIRPA series broadband broadcast antenna is virtually maintenance-free and well suited for extreme atmospheric conditions or salty environments.

Each element of the CIRPA broadband antenna is DC grounded (gamma matched) to provide excellent protection against lightning discharge. The high-tech yet straight-forward design of the CIRPA series broadband FM broadcast antenna allows mounting to a mast or tower with extreme ease.

Add the Optional Heavy Duty Gamma Strap to your CIRPA antenna to provide added protection against wind and ice damage. The HDGS is made of heavy duty 14-gauge T304 Stainless Steel for added durability.

Circularly polarized radiation is especially advisable in rugged terrain and/or large cities where losses can arise from reflections off mountains and/or buildings which can create unwanted multi-path signals. The CIRPA broadband series FM broadcast antenna offers its greatest efficiency in FM transmissions that include stereo, SCA, or sub-carrier information. It is highly recommended for applications where home stereo, or fixed horizontal reception style antennas are widely used. The CIRPA broadband antenna can be vertically stacked to achieve higher gain figures. Boom length is 5 feet. Connector is 7/16" DIN Female. Mounting hardware is included for 1-3" diameter mast or tower leg.


NOTES: All CIRPA broadband series FM broadcast antennas are shipped by DIMENSIONAL weight, actual weight of antenna may vary. wind load of antenna is 65 pounds (2.5 square feet) per bay. Input connector is 7/16" DIN. Not recommended for pole mounting, a mast or tower should be used.



30 Day No-Fault Guarantee Policy

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