Why would you want to start an LPFM station? 

Why would you want to start an LPFM station? 

The answer is simple! Hosting an LPFM (Low Power FM) radio show is a wonderful way to promote a business, a cause, or to inform those in your community about a particular issue. Novice radio broadcasters can purchase broadcasting equipment, apply for and secure a license from the FCC, and launch their own show with very little start-up cost. It is important for newcomers to the radio broadcast world to remember the following tips:

Promote the show. 

This is easier than some might think. By talking with friends and family members and encouraging them to tune in, low power FM radio hosts can generate an audience.

Carefully select topics. 

It is important to discuss topics that matter to a wide audience. Even when promoting a business, broadcasters should discuss an issue of concern and carefully weave their business into the conversation.

Do your homework.

Research radio shows that draw large audiences and try to structure your show in a similar fashion. It is okay to adopt strategies from seasoned broadcasters, but be careful not to attempt to imitate a well-known broadcaster.

Purchasing the right broadcasting equipment is of extreme importance.

As experts, we at Progressive Concepts have been in business for more than 30 years. Focusing on offering radio broadcast equipment of high quality along with a dedication to customer service, we have earned the trust of countless clients over the decades. Whether you are a novice to the radio broadcast world, or are a seasoned broadcast expert, Progressive Concepts is the place to purchase broadcast equipment.

In fact, we are committed to meeting or beating any written estimate, which makes us the best place to purchase LPFM (low power FM) broadcast equipment. Contact our trusted professionals at Progressive Concepts today and learn how we can help you secure the necessary equipment and licensing to launch your very own radio show.

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