Angry Audio Bluetooth Audio Gadget

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There are plenty of ways a smartphone could be useful on air….Playing recorded audio, voice clips or music, for instance.

How about using a SIP client as a codec? Or Skype or Zoom or social media sound? And of course, putting callers on the air. If only there was a professional bidirectional audio interface for cell phones…Problem solved!

The Bluetooth Audio Gadget by Angry Audio makes it easy to put a smartphone on the air. Just pair your phone, and the Bluetooth Audio Gadget automatically negotiates the optimal codec algorithm (usually APT-X for Android, AAC for iPhone). Balanced audio I/O connects the Gadget to your console. The sound quality is amazing. And the Bluetooth Audio Gadget is bi-directional, so you can even send mix-minus to your caller.

Bluetooth Audio Gadget Instruction Manual

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