Need to feed a stack of stuff from a single source? You could try the daisy-chain, but you may end up with a ground loop, signal degradation or worse. What you really need to get a signal to multiple destinations is a broadcast-grade distribution amplifier.

Angry Audio has some fresh ideas into the DA and called it, of course, the Distribution Gadget. The Distribution Gadget allows a single source to drive multiple destinations. This is especially useful in broadcasting for connecting the studio output to an air chain, internet encoder, recording device, etc. The Distribution Gadget eliminates the ground loops and signal loss that often occur when directly attaching multiple loads to a source.

With four inputs (one pair for consumer -10dBV unbalanced sources and the other for +4dBu professional sources), the Distribution Gadget is ready for anything. Naturally, the unbalanced inputs feature the same exclusive ground (loop) breaking circuitry found on our Balancing Gadgets. You can even switch between consumer and pro sources on the fly with the front panel switch. There are eight separate balanced line output amplifiers. Every output is fully isolated from the others, so if one destination has a problem — for example, a half-plugged connector shorting an output to ground — the other destinations are blissfully unaware and receive a perfectly clean copy of the source audio.


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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 9 in


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