Radio Broadcasting

We've been providing our customers with very high quality FM Radio Broadcast Equipment products and services for over 30 years! We can help show you how to start your own FM or LPFM Radio Station.


On Air Mixing Consoles

Now Available at Progressive in the USA


Radio Automation Software

Fully Automated For Your Mac or Windows Machine


Weather Resistant Antennas

Our PCP and CIRPA model FM Antennas are made to withstand
any weather condition! The PCP Models are perfect for LPFM. Multi-Bay
Systems from 1kW-4kW. Products are made from High Grade Stainless Steel.
PCP model Antennas starting at only $399


Radio Broadcasting Equipment

Progressive Concepts is your LPFM Headquarters!

Progressive Concepts has been providing our customers with very high quality FM & LPFM Broadcast Transmitters & Radio Broadcast Equipment products and services for over 33 years! Who can repair BW Transmitters? Progressive concepts is the factory authorized USA sales and service center for BW Broadcast FM Transmitters and equipment. Progressive Concepts can repair your BW Transmitter in a timely and cost effective manner. We also have the resources to help assist you in applying for your LPFM FCC license and obtaining your FCC LPFM license. Once you receive your LPFM construction permit or license we can then help you build out your LPFM station. If you have any questions about our FM or LPFM Radio Broadcast Transmitter products or need technical assistance, give us a call, we're here to help. We truly believe our FM & LPFM Broadcast Transmitters are the best FM & LPFM transmitters on the planet! Business references are available on request, our Duns number is: 94-541-8580. The best in Radio Broadcast Equipment since 1990!

Ask us about our Exclusive 30-Day No-Fault Guarantee!


State of the art equipment

Featuring a complete line of FM Radio Broadcast Transmitters, Coaxial Cables, Antennas, Towers, Microphones, Mixing Consoles and More!

30 Day No-fault guarantee

Our philosophy is that our radio broadcast equipment products are of such high quality that, when you try them, you'll want to keep them.

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Product Repairs

Progressive Concepts is a factory authorized repair center for most of the products we sell. We work in a timely manner & notify the customer that the item is ready.