The Inovonics DAVID IV 719N Audio Processor w/Network Interface includes 5 bands of dynamics compression with equalization, intelligent gain-riding AGC (Automatic Gain Control), Bass and Stereo Field Enhancements, and Inovonics’ proprietary PIPP™ (Polarity Independent Peak Processing) limiter. The Inovonics DAVID IV 719N combines a remarkably clean sound with a premium FM Stereo Generator that also includes internal metering with combining for the RDS (Radio Data System) sub-carrier and now the « N » model includes a network Interface.

The Inovonics DAVID IV 719N Audio Processor contains presets for popular world formats, and user settings can easily be saved/backed up and shared over station networks. TCP/IP connectivity is virtually automatic and allows full remote control and access from anywhere in the world.


DAVID IV 719N Manual

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 7 in


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