Talking House TH5 AM Radio Transmitter

Type: ISS Talking House TH5 Part 15 AM Radio Transmitter PN: TH5
Sale price$168.95


The ISS TH5 AM Radio Transmitter covers an area of over 40,000 Square Feet! That is approximately the size of a football field or about one acre (200 foot radius). The TH5 AM transmitters include a fixed wire antenna with an enclosure, power supply and complete operating instructions. Works on the standard 520-1700 KHz AM Broadcast Band. Complete plug and play solution. Now with upgraded power supply and ground loop eliminator included! FCC Part 15 Certified. (FCC ID # DLB5LTT98). Includes built-in digital audio recorder/player.
  • Also perfect for ADA Compliance for ALS Assistive Listening System requirements in public spaces.

  • Even churches and houses of worship can benefit from these devices

  • The TH5 AM Transmitter Includes EVERYTHING you need to use this product. It is Plug & Play ready!

  • FCC Part 15.219 certification for license-free operation in the United States.

  • Latest design - Version 5.0.

  • Final radio frequency stage total input power: 100 milliwatts.

  • Front panel LCD frequency selection and audio recording controls.

  • Frequencies: 520-1700 kHz - 10-kHz increments.

  • Dimensions: 14.0" x 8.0" x 2.5".

  • Weight: 5.2 pounds.

  • Steel chassis.

  • Internal audio recorder (5 minutes / dual messages).

  • Internal microphone.

  • Input port for external microphone (for recording or live), high impedance, 3.5 mm.

  • Input port for auxiliary audio (live feeds / audio recording) unbalanced, 3.5 mm.

  • Speaker and volume control.

  • 120 VAC power supply; 12-18 volt DC input port.

  • DC power use: approximately 250 ma.

  • 3-meter indoor antenna provided with exclusive auto-tuning circuitry for up to 300-foot range.

  • Outdoor antenna port (cable jack for 75 ohm/RG6) for connection to Range Extender Outdoor Antenna and Tuner [must be ordered separately].

30 Day No-Fault Guarantee Policy



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