Angry Audio Gizmos Galore!

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Angry Audio Gizmos include the:

Guest – Studio guests are only human. And humans cough. They cough and clear their throats and sniff and snort. Not the most pleasant experience for your listeners. Cure this with the Guest Gizmo. It has a cough drop button built right in. You’ll want one at every guest microphone position. The cough button is a necessary tool.

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Mic Tally – In the Smartphone era, guests get distracted. You need a way to get their attention and the mic arm tally lights are brilliant. Dual logic inputs drive the tally either red or white. Red is usually the color for on-air. White can be used for an alternate signal. Ready light, talkback indicator, phone ringer, pizza delivery. You get the idea!

See manual & more here!

Headphone – Radio jocks love loud headphones. Maybe they expect to hear everything with the phones around their necks. No matter the reasons, the Headphone Gizmo will give them all the volume they crave. And if your talent prefers to hear all the detail and nuance in their headphones, the precision analog circuitry in the Headphone Gizmo is as transparent as it is loud. Headphone Gizmos mount to the underside of your counter to save desktop space, always right where they’re needed and never in the way.

See manual & more here!

Mic Drop –  What is it about hot mics on a live show? Suddenly your guest feels the need to cough and clear his throat. Meet the Mic Drop Gizmo! This simple device mounts near the base of your mic arm. You plug the mic arm cable into the top and there are pass-through connectors on the bottom. That red button on the top is a mute “cough” button. Point it out to your studio guests. Let them mute themselves when needed. Your show will sound so much better.

See manual & more here!

Button – This Button Gizmo offers four avionics-grade, LED illuminated pushbuttons in a powder-coated steel panel. Mounts easily in your countertop for an elegant, finished look. You can use the Button Gizmo with other consoles too. Any console with GPIO logic will easily interface. You can easily remove the button caps and replace our labels with your own.

See manual & more here!

Disconnect – Introducing the Headphone Disconnector. Insert it between your equipment and your headphone cable. The exclusive magnetic coupled connector is designed to release gracefully when force is applied to the cable. This prevents damage to your headphones, cables and equipment. It might even prevent injury. Additionally, the magnets are oriented so that the connector cannot be plugged in backwards.

See manual & more here!

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Angry Audio Guest Gizmo PN: GGIZMO, Angry Audio Mic Tally Gizmo PN: MTGIZMO, Angry Audio Headphone Gizmo PN: HGIZMO, Angry Audio Mic Drop Gizmo PN: MDGIZMO, Angry Audio Button Gizmo PN: BGIZMO, Angry Audio Disconnect Gizmo PN: DGIZMO


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