Part 15 FM Transmitters for Church Parking Lot Service (Analog)

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The best solution for:
  • Transmission distance 200 foot radius (a barrier-free environment); suitable for drive in theater, can transmit FM signal to a wide range of cars
  • Very suitable for stereo broadcasting; broadcast transmitter is ideal for all stereo audio broadcasting; MP3; PC; TV; wireless speakers, mixing boards, game device; etc
  • Wide range of application scenarios; this FM stereo transmitter can be used for drive in theater; church parking lot; factories; schools; supermarkets; farms; or create your own radio station
  • Stable signal transmission; compact design with aluminum enclosure; and built-in crystal controlled PLL micro controller which makes the frequency of the transmitter very stable
  • The control circuit board and RF circuit are designed to reduce noise; so sound quality is even better, well-shielded; compact structure; small size; plug and play; very easy to use
  • Perfect for use in Health Clubs or Correctional Institutions as a television sound transmitter where listening to multiple TV sets at the same time with privacy is required.
  • Also perfect for ADA Compliance for ALS Assistive Listening System requirements in public spaces
  • Stereo model ACC100S includes built-in audio processor which provides crystal clear loud audio without distortion! Perfect for Drive-in Theaters. Please Note: Stereo model has TWO RCA jacks, one left and one right audio input (not shown).

The best Part 15 Certified FM transmitter for Church parking lot service! Covers an area of over 40,000 Square Feet! That is approximately the size of a football field.

The ACC100 FM transmitters for church drive-in parking lot service include a fixed wire antenna with an enclosure, power supply, audio cables and complete operating instructions. Works on the standard 88-108MHz FM Broadcast Band. Complete plug and play solution.

Use as many as you need to cover a larger area! There is no limit to the number that can be used!


Be careful not to buy transmitters made in china from places like eBay or Amazon, they are not FCC approved and can lead to heavy fines from the government!

Note: Not available for sale in Canada


ACC100 Instruction Manual

30 Day No-Fault Guarantee Policy

FCC Grant of Equipment Authorization

Sole Manufacturer Letter


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