Angry Audio Failsafe Gadget

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Dead air is every broadcaster’s worst nightmare. Equipment fails, lightning strikes, humans make mistakes. And for some reason, dead air often favors the dead of night. Angry Audio introduces you to the Failsafe Gadget. The Failsafe Gadget is a simple stereo A/B switch. Normally, the Main (A) source is fed to the output. A sophisticated sensor monitors the Main source constantly. If silence is detected, the Backup (B) source is switched to the output. The user can select whether the unit will switch back to Main if the audio returns, or whether it should remain on Backup until manually switched.

Connect your studio to the Main input and send the output to your transmission system. Backup audio sources might be a second computer, a looping CD player, even an iPod shuffling a playlist. In addition to audio switching, a logic output from the Failsafe Gadget can activate a device or alarm if silence is detected. Logic inputs are provided to remote the switching, or reset the Gadget.

Failsafe Data Sheet

Failsafe Instruction Manual

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