DB4402-V2 Dual FM Monitoring Receiver

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Deva’s DB4402-V2 Dual FM Monitoring Receiver is a superb and highly practical combination between a logger and a streamer which allows you to easily and accurately monitor and store all important parameters of the FM signal while simultaneously giving you the opportunity to listen to a constant, uninterrupted audio stream.

The synchronized performance of both major functions is at the core of the idea for this model, as well as the unit’s major asset. You can listen to the selected audio feed at the same time as the logger campaign is running. The design of this device relies on simplicity coupled with functionality to offer customers the opportunity of a single solution to both tasks.

Providing the stable, dependable operation characterizing all Deva products, the DB4402-V2 is fully DSP based, with a built-in oscilloscope and an RDS/RBDS decoder with a BER meter. It also permits users to set alarms for RF, MPX, Pilot and RDS signal via email, SMS or SNMP.

What is more, the TCP/IP and GSM connectivity provides easy remote control, monitoring and listening to the radio signal from any location. The device offers a “Restore Factory Defaults” option and easy update of the firmware. It is an advanced solution giving customers a number of advantages and top all-round, multi-faceted performance as both a monitoring tool and a streaming device.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 18 × 10 in


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