Radio Explorer III DAB adds another dimension to DEVA Broadcast’s already spectacular range of DAB/DAB+ products. This is an advanced coverage survey mobile tool in full compliance with the ETSI EN 300 401 DAB standard. Among its most important advantages are the two powerful DAB tuners, which account for the unprecedented accuracy and reliability to this product. Radio Explorer III DAB allows you to monitor up to 10 services within the DAB ensemble with predefined acquisition time in a round-robin scheduler and stores the measured parameters in a log file for further analysis through the DEVA Device Manager software.

It offers support for Program Associated Data (PAD), as well as all standard bitrates and VBR, and automatically displays live metadata. As a tool of immense precision, it also measures the following DAB signals: RSSI, SNR, CNR, FIC Quality, FIB Errors, FFT Offset and the Left & Right Audio level values. The BandScan function of the Radio Explorer III DAB presents an overview of all DAB/DAB+ signals available, plus their RF signal strength. BandScans are possible within any section of Band III, whereas the generated spectrum diagram shows the RF Level vs. the channels.

Another great asset to this tool is the Loudness meter, which can be shown as defined by ITU BS.1770- 4 and EBU R128 recommendations, as the product supports both. As a matter of course, our aim with Radio Explorer III DAB has once again been to make sophisticated, high quality equipment easy to use. This product has a high-resolution graphical OLED display with front panel navigational buttons and soft buttons for quick access to the device’s various functions. Another option to control the unit is via the builtin Web server – a standard web browser can be used to monitor its status or to make some adjustments. iOS and Android devices are also supported. The Main Screen of the WEB Interface shows all mandatory parameters represented as LED bar graph readings.

The DEVA Device Manager Software, supplied free of charge, also allows for quick and easy connection to the device. Another elegant solution in our DAB/DAB+ line, the Radio Explorer III DAB brings precision, effectiveness and the customary DEVA quality.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 18 in


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