JK Audio Pureformer Isolation Transformer

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High Quality, Low Distortion

The Pureformer provides hum and noise reduction for sound cards and audio equipment, and removes ground loops and DC paths that can cause hum and signal breakup.

Isolate the Problem

The Pureformer isolates the electrical grounds of two pieces of audio equipment. This is especially important in the case of computer audio cards connected to high quality/low noise audio equipment. The computer electrical ground is often filled with noise from disk drive activity and data transmission. Many audio cards use the same electrical ground for the computer and the audio signal. When the computer audio card is connected to your studio equipment, the electrical noise from the computer can leak into the rest of your audio system. The Pureformer completely isolates the electrical ground of the two systems and only allows audio signals to pass through. Pureformer cannot remove noise once it has been mixed with the audio signal, so it is important to find and treat the source of each problem.

Just Insert Between your Sound Card and your Audio Mixer or Amplifier
High-Quality, Low-Distortion, 600 ohm Audio Transformers
Passive, no AC or Battery Power Needed.

Pureformer Data Sheet

Pureformer Instruction Manual


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in


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