DEVA Broadcast Band Scanner Pro USB

Type: DEVA Broadcast Band Scanner Pro USB PN: BSP
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The DEVA Broadcast Band Scanner Pro is a digital tool which, in conjunction with your PC, can be used to evaluate FM broadcast band congestion and to log station identification parameters. The Deva Band Scanner Pro can measure RF level, MPX deviation, Left & Right Audio levels, RDS and Pilot injection levels. The system is powered by the USB port of any Windows PC. Windows software is supplied free of charge which sweeps the receiver across the FM band, logging every carrier and generating a spectrum display of carrier level vs. frequency. It then analyzes each carrier and creates a station list.

Stations with an RDS presence are further refined to show all the radio data groups being transmitted. Its interface is like a portable radio: It may be tuned manually through the receiver screen or by double-clicking a point on the spectrum plot or an entry on the station list. Spectrum plots may be saved as jpg or bmp files. The RDS data error level is graphed in a separate window on the receiver screen. The program can be monitored with headphones plugged into a standard 1/8" jack located on the rear panel of the DEVA Band Scanner.

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