Inovonics 272 NOVIA FM Stereo Processor

Type: Inovonics 272 NOVIA FM Stereo Processor PN: 272
Sale price$2,070.00


The Inovonics NOVIA 272 FM Stereo Processor is a half-rack, digital audio processor with Stereo-Gen and RDS for FM radio broadcast.

With particular stress on ease of installation and use, the Inovonics NOVIA 272 incorporates intuitive, multi-language menu-driven setup, as well as an IP/browser interface compatible with any PC or mobile device. Multiple factory and user-defined processing presets streamline the setup process. IP connectivity also provides local and email failure alarms, plus support for SNMP operation.

The Inovonics NOVIA 272 accepts both program line and streaming inputs and allows remote IP audio monitoring.

Made in the USA



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