Progressive Concepts GP32 Indoor FM Dipole Antenna

Type: Progressive Concepts GP32 Indoor FM Dipole Antenna PN: GP32
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Progressive Concepts GP32 is an omni-directional dipole type FM Broadcast antenna that was designed for indoor broadcast applications. The Progressive Concepts GP32 antenna can be set to broadcast all over the FM band (87.90 to 108Mhz) and still assure a perfect impedance matching with any type of FM transmitter due to the fact that the twin rods can be extended or collapsed in a manner to tailor the length of each rods for perfect matching. A length chart is provided with each Progressive Concepts GP32 antenna.

It is possible to install the GP-32 antenna either in horizontal or vertical position, allowing ease of installation in restricted areas. The fixed bracket on the Progressive Concepts GP32 antenna allows the user to fasten the antenna to different types of stands or permanently fix it to a wall with screws. The Progressive Concepts GP32 is equipped with a standard female UHF type connector for reliable coax cable connection.

SPECIFICATIONS Impedance: 50 ohms Type: Dipole, Polarization: Vertical, Gain: 0 dB, Connector: UHF (SO-239), SWR: 2:1 max., Rods length: 42 in (max.), 7.5 in (collapsed), Maximum Power Handling: 75 Watts, Base dimensions: 3.3 in(L), 2.35 in(D), 1.4 in(H).


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