OMB MT/MR Studio To Transmitter Link Pair

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The OMB MT/MR STL system (Studio to Transmitter Link) is used in applications where your main FM transmitter will be in a separate location from the studio. The OMB MT/MR is a powerful FCC type accepted, 19″ rack-mountable STL system, which can send a clean stereo audio signal to a location up to 10 miles away. Frequency is PLL synthesized by a built-in microprocessor. The OMB MT/MR STL transmitter and receiver pairs are available in 20 MHz sub-bands within the frequency range of 170 MHz to 960 MHz (20 watts).

The OMB MT/MR frequency is adjustable in 10 KHz increments. The unit can be linked via RS232 port for remote control of frequency and power. The OMB MT/MR STL utilizes direct frequency modulation with SWR fold back protection.

The units include 1 balanced/unbalanced mono, (optional, additional charge) 2 balanced (XLR) and unbalanced stereo (45dB separation, 50 or 75 us pre-emphasis) and 2 composite or SCA (BNC) audio inputs (requires separate SCA generator). The OMB MT/MR STL is forced air cooled and operates on 110-120, 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz.

DON’T Forget the antenna!

The radio link Yagi STLY antenna can be used in both vertical and horizontal polarization offering great directivity. It is a high quality and low cost antenna. The Yagi STLY is made from aluminum with stainless steel clamps with N/F input connector for frequencies 175-960MHz (20/30MHz sub-bands) and 10-14dB gain, depending on the operation frequency. The STLY is remarkable for its high gain, light weight and high weather resistant.


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