Stereo Generator/ALC Retro-fit Card

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Our Panaxis SG2/ALC stereo generator includes a fast attack-slow release limiter to hold modulation levels near 100% over a wide range of input audio levels. No audio level adjustment is needed when connected to most consumer type audio sources such as TV, CD, VCR, DVD, etc. However, manual audio level controls are also provided to set an initial level if you intend to use higher audio input levels up to +20dB.

While designed specifically to retrofit with our FMX or ACC100 transmitters, the Panaxis SG2/ALC circuit card also works with any FM transmitter that accepts a composite or multiplex input. The stereo encoder’s 19KHz pilot and sub-carrier frequencies are crystal-locked. Its balanced mixer and roll-off audio filter work with the audio level control to assure crisp audio and clean >55dB separation.
The Panaxis SG2/ALC is fully assembled and tested. All you need do is slip the circuit board into the chassis and follow the connection instructions. Your transmitter is then in stereo and your audio levels are then managed for you automatically!
For the assembled version in an enclosure CLICK HERE
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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 in


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