Why choose Progressive Concepts for your LPFM equipment?

Why choose Progressive Concepts for your LPFM equipment?

New LPFM station? Why you should choose Us…Because we care! We pick products of high quality that won’t break the bank. Taking pride in being your LPFM Headquarters. We all know the economy is unforgiving, so we offer plenty of options for purchasing, just give us a call. Yes, we WILL answer. A real live person!

We are here to help with understanding your goal and can assist you in choosing the right equipment at the right price for your station.

We carry the famous FCC Certified BW Broadcast V3 Stereo Transmitters, that now come with an incredible 4-Year Warranty! Offering top of the line Andrew & Belden Coaxial Cable with your choice of connector. Manufacturing high quality Progressive Concepts brand FM Antennas. Check out the Innovative & Customizable D&R Mixing Consoles for the studio. Don’t forget the FCC Certified EAS systems, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

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