Coaxial Dynamics RF Power Meters

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The Coaxial Dynamics Model 81000-A RF power wattmeters can measure RF power in 50-Ohm coaxial cable and transmission lines, accept plug-in elements in the range of 100 mW to 10 kW full scale and from 0.45 to 2300 MHz. The Coaxial Dynamics Model 81000-A RF power meters come complete with a built-in line section, quick match RF connectors for 50-Ohm cables and transmission lines offering the speed and reliability you expect from Coaxial Dynamics.

The Coaxial Dynamics Model 81000-A RF power meter is easy to use. Simply connect the meter between the transmitter and antenna or dummy load, plug in the appropriate measuring element and select forward or reflected direction. The RF power is directly displayed on the 4-1/2 inch triple scale meter.



81000 Instruction Manual

30 Day No-Fault Guarantee Policy

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