DEVA DB9009 Series Multi Protocol IP Codec

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DEVA DB9009-TX is a second generation multi protocol Audio over IP Encoder, perfect for both inexperienced and professional broadcasters alike. The compressed output signal is directly transmitted over the IP-based networks to one or more compatible IP Audio players or decoders. The encoding of the audio sources into high quality configurable format, is made in real time by HE-AAC Versions 1 and 2 or MPEG-1 Layer 3. This, in combination with the lossless uncompressed PCM stream, guarantees long distance audio transmission without quality loss.

DEVA DB9009-RX second generation Advanced IP Audio Decoder. Providing top-quality signal over public IP networks and even connections behind NATs and Firewalls, DB9009-RX delivers undeviating audio unaffected by the non-persistent network conditions and without the need of user interference. HE-AAC versions 1 and 2, MPEG-1 Layer 3 compressed audio streams and lossless uncompressed PCM stream are supported by the powerful DSP processor without a compromise. The DB9009-RX can also be used for a wide range of professional audio applications as Broadcast, Internet Radio, Studio to Transmitter Link and VoIP.


DB9009-TX Instruction Manual

DB9009-RX Instruction Manual

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DEVA Broadcast 9009-TX IP Codec Transmitter PN: DB9009TX, DEVA Broadcast 9009-RX Codec Receiver PN: DB9009RX


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