JK Audio AutoHybrid Telephone Hybrid

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The JK Audio AutoHybrid telephone hybrid, also known as a “phone patch” or “phone coupler”, gives you simultaneous send and receive audio through analog telephone lines. The JK Audio AutoHybrid telephone audio interface hybrid is not just another half duplex auto-coupler, it’s a full duplex AutoHybrid telephone audio coupler or telephone audio interface telephone patch.

Yes, with the JK Audio AutoHybrid you can send and receive audio at the same time. The JK Audio AutoHybrid’s dual transformer telephone audio hybrid is capable of 20 dB nominal trans-hybrid loss. In other words, your transmit audio signal will appear mixed with the receive signal, but at a level 20 dB lower than it was sent into the phone line.


How Is The JK Audio AutoHybrid Used Within The Radio Station?

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