OC White ProBoom Elite Series

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OC White ProBoom Elite features an exclusive wire channel top arm for fast XLR cable installation, there is no easier Mic Boom to install. It’s sold complete with a 5/8-27 threaded stud, for use with almost all shock mounts sold today.

OC White’s standard reach in this series is 29” and offer an extended reach of 45”. They have a 2.5 lb. weight rating and are available without mount, with table edge clamp, permanent table mount, wall mount, 15” vertical riser with integrated XLR holster, as well as 3 arm, round table special mount.

OC White Mic Booms offer tension springs that are wound with music wire, for squeak free, long lasting performance. These springs will not lose their holding power over time. They are also silent on air, guaranteed.



30 Day No-Fault Guarantee Policy

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