DEVA DB37 HD Radio Streaming Receiver

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Type: DEVA DB37 HD Radio Streaming Receiver
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Compact and fully compliant HD Radio Streamer
One of the defining assets of the DB37 is its highly-selective DSP-based tuner, which allows the HD Radio Broadcast and FM station to be selected, listened to and recorded. Additionally, the dedicated hardware will let you constantly monitor the sound of your station and will also measure and store for future analysis the RF level and Left & Right Audio Levels. For an even better performance, the DB37 comes with a built-in FM RDS/RBDS Decoder and HD Radio PAD Decoder.

Crucially, this product provides an analog input, which allows you to perform not only remote, but also local audio monitoring. Users can also toggle through the FM and HD Radio broadcast stream to confirm audio presence and quality in live broadcast environments.

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