JK Audio RIU-IP Remote IP Interface

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Type: JK Audio RIU-IP Remote IP Interface PN: RIUIP
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The JK Audio RIU-IP is a remote control interface designed for the new innkeeper 1x, innkeeper 2 and innkeeper 4 digital hybrids. This unit contains a web server which allows the user to send and receive control data through their web browser. JK Audio RIU-IP can be connected to the user’s computer NIC card for direct control, to a switch or hub for network control or to an ethernet port with internet access for control from anywhere in the world.

Remote Control Capabilities: On-Hook and Off-Hook Control. Place call on hold or release hold (innkeeper 2 & 4). DTMF dialing. Set Auto-Answer and ring count. Start and stop Conference (innkeeper 2). Adjust transmit and receive level per line (innkeeper 2 & 4). Test tone start/stop per line. Master Send configuration (innkeeper 2 & 4).


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