FMX Assembled TV Sound Transmitter (Analog)

Type: FMXA in Enclosure Type "F" Out (Federal Use Only) PN: FMXEA
Sale price$299.95


Transmitters for correctional facilities. These FM transmitters are for use in Correctional Facilities. The Panaxis FMX TV sound transmitter is available in two versions. Both the FMXA and FMXW are a programmable, microprocessor controlled phase locked loop, direct FM transmitter (previously part number; FMX1). NOW WITH VOLUME CONTROL! Made in the USA

The FMX model TV sound FM transmitters provide extended range up to 1000 feet or more. Applications for the FMX transmitter include, cable modulator or television TV sound re-transmitting. FM Transmitter Used ONLY in Federal Penitentiaries and Institutions for transmitting TV sound to inmates.

  • The FMXA includes a type "F" RF output jack for connection to any 75 ohm coaxial cable
  • The FMXW includes a built-in soft-wire antenna for easy transmission to a local area
  • Add the SG2 for stereo operation
  • Use part number T2T as an FMX power supply

*Quantity pricing is available. These units are for Federal Government use ONLY!


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