Rangemaster AM1000 Part 15 AM Transmitter

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The Hamilton Rangemaster AM1000 is the tried and true leader and original FCC Certified high performance AM transmitter! With the outdoor AM1000 you can get incredible range with great sound. No other FCC Part 15 Certified AM transmitter can come close to the Rangemaster’s sound performance and signal range.

Want a Serious License-Free Radio Station for your town or neighborhood? The AM-1000 is the only way to go!

The AM1000 transmitter is certified by the FCC (certification number: NWXAM1000) and is fully legal. An important advantage of the AM1000 is the legality, you don’t want to get a visit from the FCC when operating those other uncertified kits. The AM1000 was designed to be professional broadcasting equipment and is fully assembled (not a kit). Most Real Estate type transmitters, non-professional transmitters and kits are only designed to reach the road (1/4 mile or less) with poor sound quality.

AM1000A & C Include: The transmitter, a video, a tune tool, an audio adapter, a power supply, 50 feet of cable, a ferrite and 2 modules of your choosing.
Additional Options: AM1BR – Mounting Bracket, AM1000F – Frequency Agile Plug-In Module, AM1000M – Additional Modules, AM1000WR – 100 Feet of CAT5 Cable

The Rangemaster’s AM1000 is designed to cover a larger area (up to 2 miles) for serious broadcasters with professional quality sound!

Use multiple transmitters!

Cover your entire town by installing transmitters at various locations around town and link them by Internet! Rangemaster’s AM1000 system was designed with the multiple transmitter user in mind, there are many methods to effectively cover a large area with your signal (Use Barix Instreamers & Exstreamers models). Uses include; Roadside Information Station Transmitter, Community Radio Station, Race Track information, etc.

The AM1000A is frequency agile while the AM1000C operates on only one fixed frequency that you specify when ordering.

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