Progressive Concept’s NEW NWE34 Dominator FM Broadcast Antenna is more rugged and durable than before.

The NWE34 Dominator antenna’s radiation pattern is low angle (approx. 14 degrees) omnidirectional with vertical polarization. It is DC grounded for excellent lightning protection.

The NWE34 Dominator antenna power handling capacity is 1KW on the standard model which comes with Teflon “N” connector. The NWE34D antenna handles 3KW with “7/16 DIN” connector.

SPECS:  Wavelength: 3/4 Approximate height: 9 feet (depending on frequency) Frequency Range: 87.50 – 108 MHz (Tunable) Gain: over half wave dipole is about +3dB (+5.15dBi) Bandwidth: 5 MHz with a perfect 1:1 SWR (at the center tuned frequency) Wind survival: greater than 100 MPH Wind load: .7 square feet Weight: 8 lbs*

Progressive Concepts now offers FREE TUNING on all our NWE34 Dominator Antennas! Just tell us your frequency when ordering and we will set the antenna to that frequency for you FREE OF CHARGE!

Includes A Full 2 Year Warranty!

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1KW NWE34 Instruction Manual

3KW NWE34 Instruction Manual

30-Day No-Fault Guarantee Policy

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 57 × 7 × 6 in


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