Inovonics INOmni 223 Multimode Audio Processor

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This versatile, DSP-based INOmini meets multiple broadcast needs. Quick menu-driven, application-specific setup for: NRSC, European or shortwave AM broadcast; Traveler’s Information Service; monaural US or European FM; analog SCA services. 3-band processing has select-able crossovers, EQ and tight limiting with pre-emphasis protection. The DSP-based 223 is an addition to the firm’s INOmini line. Features include gated and windowed ‘gain-riding’ AGC, 3-band compression with adjustable EQ, and a fast ‘lookahead’ final limiter coupled with overshoot-controlled multi-cutoff output filtering to suit a variety of uses.





INOmini 223 Instruction Manual

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Dimensions 19 × 6 × 10 in


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