Progressive Concepts PCP Circular FM Antenna

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The PCP Antenna is PERFECT FOR LPFM APPLICATIONS!!! Includes Free Tuning!

Progressive Concept’s Reliable PCP series FM & LPFM Broadcast Antenna is composed of two spiral-dipole elements which form a circularly polarized radiator. The PCP circular series antenna’s lightweight, sturdy construction makes it capable of withstanding the harshest environments. With stainless steel construction and high conductivity coating the PCP series broadcast antenna is virtually maintenance-free and well suited for extreme atmospheric conditions or salty environments.

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Each element of the PCP circular antenna is DC grounded (gamma matched) to provide excellent protection against lightning discharge. The high-tech yet straight-forward design of the PCP series FM/LPFM Broadcast antenna allows mounting to a mast or tower with extreme ease. Perfect for use with FM or LPFM or for translator antenna applications.

Circularly polarized radiation is especially advisable in rugged terrain and/or large cities where losses can arise from reflections off mountains and/or buildings which can create multi-path signals. The PCP circular series antenna FM&LPFM Broadcast antenna offers its greatest efficiency in FM transmissions that include Stereo, SCA, or Sub-carrier information. It is highly recommended for applications where home stereo, or fixed horizontal reception style antennas are widely used.

The PCP FM/LPFM broadcast antenna can be vertically stacked to achieve higher gain figures. A convenient aspect of this antenna is that you can add bays even after you have purchased the antenna, i.e. you can easily upgrade a PCP-2 to a PCP-4, or a PCP-4 to a PCP-6, and so on.

The PCP circular polarized FM antenna is Factory Tuned to your specific frequency at no additional charge!

Similar to the way that some amateur radio operators affectionately refer to certain yagi antennas as “Moon-Rakers”, our PCP antenna has been called the “Angel Duster”. While there are no controlled substances involved in the PCP antenna, it does seem to beam your signal in from the heavens! Hence the term; Angel Duster!

NOTES: All PCP series FM broadcast antennas are shipped by DIMENSIONAL Weight, actual weight of a single bay is 12 pounds. Wind survival is 120 MPH. Wind load of antenna is 23 pounds (0.86 square feet) per bay. Specify your operating frequency when ordering as each antenna is factory adjusted to 1.1:1 SWR at your frequency FREE OF CHARGE. Input connector is N-Type. Mast clamp fits 1″ to 3″ tower legs.

Includes a 2 Year Warranty!

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