ACC100D Part 15 FM Transmitters (Digital)

Type: ACC100D Mono FM Transmitter Digital PN: ACC100D
Sale price$349.95


These FCC certified Part 15 FM transmitters require a Digital Audio Input like the type you would find on a Fiber Optic Audio Output or Coaxial Cable Digital Audio Signal. These types of audio outputs are common on most newer TV sets. Use our Analog Audio ACC100 for standard audio sources such as those with RCA jacks found on mixing boards or CD players. Covers an area of over 30,000 Square Feet! The ACC100 FM transmitters include a fixed wire antenna with an enclosure, power supply and complete operating instructions. Works on the standard 88-108MHz FM Broadcast Band. NOW WITH VOLUME CONTROL! Fiber optic TOSLINK cables are sold separately. Made in the USA!
  • Perfect for use in Health Clubs or Correctional Institutions as a television sound transmitter where listening to multiple TV sets at the same time with privacy is required.
  • Also perfect for ADA Compliance for ALS Assistive Listening System requirements in public spaces
  • Even churches and houses of worship can benefit from these devices
  • Use the ACC100DS when high quality outstanding stereo sound is required

Note: Not available for sale in Canada


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