FMX Assembled TV Sound Transmitter (Digital)

Type: FMXA in Enclosure Type "F" Out Digital (Federal Use Only) PN: FMXEAD
Sale price$349.95


Transmitters for correctional facilities. These FM transmitters are for use in Correctional Facilities. The Panaxis FMX TV sound transmitter is available in two versions. Both the FMXA and FMXW are a programmable, microprocessor controlled phase locked loop, direct FM transmitter (previously part number; FMX1). Both FMX model transmitters include: A built-in digital to analog audio converter which accepts either an optical (Toslink) or coaxial digital audio input. NOW WITH VOLUME CONTROL! Made in the USA

  • The FMX model TV sound FM transmitters provide extended range up to 1000 feet or more. Applications for the FMX transmitter include, cable modulator or television TV sound re-transmitting. FM Transmitter Used ONLY in Federal Penitentiaries and Institutions for transmitting TV sound to inmates.
  • The FMXA includes a type "F" RF output jack for connection to any 75 ohm coaxial cable
  • The FMXW includes a built-in soft-wire antenna for easy transmission to a local area
  • Add the SG2 for stereo operation
  • Use part number T2T as an FMX power supply
  • Use part number TOS3,6 or 12 for the Toslink fiber optic cable

*Quantity pricing is available. These units are for Federal Government use ONLY!


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