Angry Audio SMooth & REbel Microphone Processors

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SMooth – Different mics have vastly different characteristics, and even with an expert tuning your mic processor, the sound you dream of may remain elusive. Angry Audio took a different approach. Why try to make all mics sound “okay” when you can make a chosen mic sound amazing?

Meet SMooth, the world’s first microphone processor designed exclusively for the iconic Shure SM7. Angry Audio defined adjustments carefully designed to give you only the range you need to tailor the sound of your SM7 to your voice, and nothing more.

There’s a Remote Too?

REbel – Traditional mic processors can be intimidating. That’s because they’re built to accommodate not just your mic, but any mic. Well, if you’ve ever shopped for clothes, you know that one size never really fits all.

Meet REbel, the world’s first microphone processor engineered exclusively for the popular Electro-Voice RE20, RE27 and RE320 microphones. Angry Audio went to work, creating DSP algorithms that perfectly enhance the unique qualities of these EV mics.


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