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The new Chameleon audio processor from Angry Audio. Until now, program audio processing has been a very specialized product primarily used by broadcasters. These are typically expensive and complex products that require quite a lot of expert setup and tuning to sound their best. And when the format changes, the experts need to do it all over again.

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Audio Chameleon takes an entirely new and innovative approach. Angry Audio has created a unique architecture controlled by a form of artificial intelligence. By constantly analyzing the incoming audio, Chameleon adjusts its parameters to best fit the content. You get all the loudness and consistency and punch and clarity of the most advanced program audio processing instantly, on any format.

Best of all, with the architecture under A.I. control, there’s nothing for you to do really. Take Chameleon out of the box, plug it in, flip a few switches, and it gets to work. It’s a game changer.


C-LEVEL is designed to normalize all your contribution audio. Think of it as a gentle multi-band AGC. It makes everything sound consistent and polished. Use it as a pre-processor so your OTA processor can work in its sweet spot. Use it at satellite and cable originations before sending the audio downstream for rebroadcast. Even use it to tame TV audio. C-LEVEL maintains consistent -24LUFS at all times ensuring you always hit your program distribution targets.

C Level Instruction Manual


C4 is built for streaming audio. Put an end to the problem of blasting commercials and mumbling voices. Your programming will always sound consistent even with wildly disparate source material. C4 adapts and adjusts to the incoming content so that any format, any material sounds amazing. And C4 is fully compliant with the latest loudness standards from Apple, Amazon, Youtube and others.

C4 Livestream Instruction Manual


C3 is optimized for studio listening. Simulating the sound of an OTA (over the air) processor, your talent can listen to their voices the way it sounds to the listeners. Big, bold, beautiful and smooth. This is more than just an enjoyable experience. When talent can hear the processing working, they are able to make tiny adjustments to voice and mic technique to really get that professional sound that keeps your listeners tuning in.

C3 Headphone Instruction Manual

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